OSC Library Licenses

The OSC Library is licensed under three different licenses.

The OSC Library is considered to be everything included in the download package (including examples and documentation). The License applies to the use of source code as well as to the use of any libraries, static or dynamically linked (included com and/or ActiveX components in any form) based on the OSC Library.

Make sure you read all licenses thoroughly to find which license is appropriate for you.


The OSC Public License

The  OSC Public License equals the Q Public License version 1.0 with a few additional terms listed below. This is an Open Source license which basically states that if you are developing free software with public source code, you can use the OSC Library for free. If this description fits and you want to use the OSC Library, please read the whole Q Public License for a list of your rights and your obligations.

The OSC Public License - Additional terms


The OSC Contributors License

For some people, the OSC Public License's requirement of public source code is too strict. Releasing free software is fine, but they would rather not release (all) the source code.

Since we in no way want to discourage people from using OSC, or (God forbid) from releasing free software, we created the OSC Contributors License. The OSC Contributors License equals the OSC Public License with one modification: If you are a OSC contributor, you can release software using the OSC Library without releasing the source code to your software, as long as your software is free. You still have to release the source code to any direct modifications you make to the OSC Library code, and this sorce code is subject to the OSC Public License.

In other words, if you want to release a free program using OSC without releasing the source code, you'll have to contribute in some way to the OSC Library. A contribution would normally be a donation of source code. If you'd like to qualify to the OSC Contributors License, please contact the OSC Library Manager.


The OSC Commercial License

If you are not giving away your program for free, but rather choose to charge some money for it, this license is for you. We feel that if you make money on a piece of software that uses the OSC Library, those who have created the Library deserve their share.

We haven't really worked out a general commercial license yet, so if you want one, you have to reach an agreement with the OSC Library Manager.

The two alternatives are basically:

Paid support for the OSC Library is also available.

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