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The OSC Library is a toolkit for programmers creating sound related software for the Windows platform. OSC is an acronym for Open Sound Code. The term 'Open' refers to the fact that the source code for the whole library is publicly available. The main purpose of this library is to take away some of the tedious work required to implement sound related software. It is my hope that this will inspire programmers to create more cool software. It is also my hope that people start contributing to the OSC Library so that it can grow and become even more usefull.

The OSC Library is written in C++, but an ActiveX control is included that can be used from most Windows development environments (such as VisualBasic). Also, the OSC Library has been ported to Delphi by LasT NighT.

The OSC Library is available for free to developers of free software under the terms described on the  OSC License page.

The OSC Library is created and maintained by Thomas Hammer and it's home is at the HammerSound website.

The latest public release is v. 1.1



Please read the License Agreement before downloading. By downloading you agree to the License Agreement.

Then, download:

Finally, head over to the Documentation page to get instructions on installing the library

Earlier versions:

Delphi version by LasT NighT:

User Forum

Visit the OSC Newsgroup where software developers can discuss ideas, projects and problems.


Software using the OSC Library

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