SoundFont tools

SF2Comp v1.0

SF2Comp is a SoundFont compiler/decompiler program.

If you new to SoundFonts you're better to become familiar with Vienna or some other SoundFont editor prior to use of this program.

For description of terminology one should refer to SoundFont specifications or to Vienna help.

When decompiling SF2Comp will generate from a given SoundFont file (.sf2) a set of .wav files and a text file describing the rest of the source font (the part that can't be saved in .wav format: zones, etc). When compiling it will assemble those .wav's and text file back to the SoundFont file.

Before compiling back:
  a) .wav files could be batch-processed (for example normalized in Sound Forge) or changed in any way.
  b) text file describing zones, generators, etc could be edited in any text editor, using common Search/Replace features.

Thus one can change multiple parameters and waveforms in SoundFont without making monotonous mouse moves and clicks in zombie-style. Such as killing all generators to a default state or removing too high reverb level.

The additional feature is automatic resampling of SoundFont samples if they are pitched too high to be properly played by the EMU10K1 chip.

One more additional feature is automatic extending of layers and zones to cover all of the key range. See -xl and -xz switches.

This program is not intended to replace any SoundFont editor, moreover it's more useful for modifying fonts, not for creating them.

Requirements: Windows (95,98,NT4/2000) and SFEDT32.DLL file which commonly resides in Vienna dir but can also be downloaded separately from this site (see the link below). If you have Vienna installed then SF2Comp most likely will automatically find this file, otherwise user should provide and locate it.

download SF2Comp v1.0 ( 45 k )
download SFEDT32.DLL ( 71 k )

download SF2Comp sources (Delphi 4) ( 65 k )

SF2Comp was inspired by "MIDI File DisAssembler" by Jeff Glatt avaliable at

Information on SoundFonts format can be obtained at

.sf2 processor v0.9

.sf2 processor (SF2Proc) is a program for modifying SoundFont files by changing some bytes in target font. I.e. the size and structure of the file remains unchanged.

SF2Proc allows:

- Making the list of presets
- Sorting presets alphabetically changing their program numbers
- Changing bank number for all presets at once
- Replacing one bank number with another
- Changing case of all preset names
- Deleting substring from all preset names at once
- Delete prefixes and suffixes from all preset names at once
- Fade in initial clicks in untidy made fonts

This is not a programm made on a whim but a tool that I've made and extensively used when making a big amount of SoundFonts (transferring my .XI library to .sf2).

download .sf2 processor v0.9 ( 26 k )

download .sf2 processor sources (Delphi 4) ( 40 k )