Sounds - SoundFonts by Thomas Hammer and the SoundFont Library

SoundFont Library SoundFonts by Thomas
The SoundFont Library is a database containing SoundFonts submitted by people from all over the world. The database lets users register their own (or somebody else's) SoundFonts. If you have problems with the downloaded files, please check the FAQ for instructions on how to decompress the files.

This page contains SoundFonts made by Thomas Hammer. The SoundFonts are free, and can be downloaded by anyone.

Share your SoundFonts

Please take the time to share some of your masterpieces with the world. This page describes how you upload and register your SoundFont in the SoundFont Library.

These pages contains SoundFonts, which are instruments to be used with soundcards. The SoundFont format was created by Creative Labs / Emu and is supported in hardware by several soundcards. There also exists software that lets soundcards without hardware support use SoundFonts anyway. Check the HammerSound FAQ for details.

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