SoundFonts by Thomas Hammer

These soundfonts are also mirrored at Hybrid Graphics' SoundFont page.

The SoundFonts section contains sounds in the SoundFont 2 (sf2) format. Soundfonts are collection of instruments (sounds) that can be used with the Creative Labs SoundBlaster AWE range of soundcards from (SB32, AWE32, AWE64). I am thinking about doing an Ensoniq EPS-16+ section with some sounds (disk-images) for this incredible sampler.

The soundfonts can be downloaded from this page by pressing the 'Download'-link in the table containing the corresponding soundfont name. The soundfonts have been compressed with WinZip, and must be uncompressed after downloading, using a zip-compatible program, such as WinZip, available here. After downloading and unziping, you can load the soundfonts into the memory on your soundcard by using the Control Panel software that came with your soundcard. Instructions on how load soundfonts and use them in your sequencer can be found in the awe32 faq.

All sounds (except when stated otherwise) have been created as soundfonts and programmed by Thomas Hammer. Most of the sampling has also been done by Thomas Hammer, although some of the raw material for the soundfonts were based on samples freely available on the internet. The sampling was done using the Ensoniq EPS-16+ sampler, which (although some years old now) has a very good A/D converter. The programming of the soundfonts was done using Creative Lab's soundfont editor Vienna 2.1.



Drums / Percussion

[sept. 01. 1998] Magic Techno Drums (1.2 MB) [, 980kB]
DOWNLOAD All the drumsamples from the Pampus Magic ( website. DrumīnīBass DrumKit, GoaTrance DrumKit, Club DrumKit, HipHop DrumKit, Tambourine Kit. This soundfont contains one instrument with all the kits crammed into one. The kit is not GM compatible. If anyone wants to create (several) GM compatible instruments from this one, let me know.


[may. 03. 1998] TR-808 Drums [, 346kB]
DOWNLOAD Yet another drumset from the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine. The drums have been organized into the GM format by Jeremy Arsenault. It contains 6 sets. All have been set as percusive pools and melodic pools.


[mar. 04. 1998] HS Linn Drums [, 362kB]
DOWNLOAD A drumset based on samples from the famous Linn Drum Machine (LM-1). This is the classic 80's drum machine - it began the whole drum machine phenomena. The Linn Drum uses great sampled drum sounds, which at the time, was a fresh alternative to the electronic drums of the 80's. It has been used by Phil Collins, Thompson Twins, Stevie Wonder and The Art of Noise. Since I have never heard this drum machine myself, I could need some help tuning and adjusting the drums by someone who knows the LM-1. Mail me.


[jan. 15. 1998] HS Acoustic Percussion [, 309kB]
DOWNLOAD An acoustic kit built from samples of more than 30 acoustic percussive instruments. There are quite a lot of useful sounds here, both standard percussion and weird ethnic variants. The kit was based on samples freely available on the net.


[jan. 15. 1998] HS African Percussion [, 125kB]
DOWNLOAD Another acoustic kit. Based around samples of some 'typical' African drums. The samples were found on the net somewhere.


[dec. 20. 1997] HS R8 Drums [, 393kB]
DOWNLOAD A drumset from the Roland R8 drum machine. The soundfont consists of two drumsets, both organized as standard GM drumsets. Excess sounds (a couple of snares) have been put in the octave below the GM bassdrum 1 (C1). This drumset was based on samples freely available on the net.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS M1 Drums [, 677kB]
DOWNLOAD The complete Korg M1 drumset. The drums are organized as a standard GM drumset. I have only created 1 GM set, although a couple of more could easily be made by selecting from the avalible basedrums, snares and hi hats. All individual drums from the M1 are included, though.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS Boss DR-550 Drums [, 659kB]
DOWNLOAD A drumset from the Boss DR-550 drum machine. The drums have not been organized into the GM format yet. Anyone interested in helping out?

Melodic instruments

[feb. 22. 1998] HS Pads and Textures II [, 3.1MB]
DOWNLOAD The sequel to Pads and Textures I, one of the most popular soundfonts I've made. The soundfont is rather big, but it is worth the download time. The sounds are all 'huge' vox-string-whoosh-ish sounds, created in a surprisingly short time based on samples from the web.


[dec. 20. 1997] HS TB-303 [, 991kB]
DOWNLOAD 17 different 'instruments' sampled from the Roland TB-303 analog synthesizer. This synthesizer is used a lot in 'modern' dance music / techno mostly for bass-lines and arpeggiators. The 'typical' TB-303 sound has a closing filter with plenty of resonance.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS Synth Collection I [, 2.1MB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of 21 typical synthesizer instruments. The sounds were originally created on the synthesizers/samplers P600, DX-7, Fairlight and Synclavier.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS Pads and Textures I [, 1.6MB]
DOWNLOAD Im a big fan of huge complex textures. The Ensoniq EPS-16+ is perfect for this sort of things, with its huge amount of layers and excellent modulation features. This is my first attempt on (re)creating some of my textures and pads on the (more limited) emu8000 (AWE32) engine.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS Vox [, 410kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of 'voxy' sounds (Vocal Aaahh's and Ooohh's that often sound quite synthetic). The sounds were sampled from the Korg M1 Synthesizer and from the Ensoniq EPS 16+ sampler.


[dec. 18. 1997] HS Strings [, 900kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of strings, some are more natural-sounding than others. The strings were sampled from the Korg M1 and the Ensoniq VFX synthesizers.

Sound Effects

[jan. 25. 1998] HS StarTrekFX [, 643kB]
DOWNLOAD A collection of sound effects from the StarTrek series, including lazer guns, alarms, bird tweeting and several other weird noises. The samples were found on the net some years ago.


[sept. 01. 1998] HS Synthetic Electronic v1.0 (223kB) [, 188kB]
DOWNLOAD Synthetic electronic sounds. Pads, basses, arpeggiator-friendly stuff, blips and more. All sounds are based on synthetic samples from the Korg M1. There are plenty (58) of samples to play around with here if anyone feels like recreating some M1 sounds. Last updated August 9th 1998, expect new updates in the near future.


[jan. 04. 1998] Vintage Dreams Waves v 2.0 [, 252kB]
DOWNLOAD A huge collection of 128 instruments and 8 drumkits created by Ian Wilson. The instrument sounds include emulations of Yamaha DX-7 and TX81Z, Roland D-50 and Casio VL-1 as well as a lot of other analog / vintage / synthetic sounds. The drumkits emulated are Roland TR808, TR909 and CR-78, dnaloR TR-101 (Imaginary Roland :-) ), Analog (Lots of Depeche, Yazoo stuff here), Electronic (Small cheesy kit) and Kraftwerk (Small set of blippy drums).

Ian Wilson spent about a year creating this soundfont, without using samples taken from synthesizers. Instead, the sounds are designed around simple waveforms like Sine, Sawtooth ... etc. The soundfont is thus very small, but surprisingly versatile since it contains a full complement of 128 instruments (no "variations"), as well as 8 drum kits. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!

There are more of Ians soundfonts, as well as articles on creating sound, at Ians website, Vintage Synth Dreams.

Any feedback, contact Ian Wilson [ (home)] [ (work)]


What's New
[September.01.1998] Added "HS Synthetic Electronic v1.0" and "HS Magic Techno Drums"
[May.03.1998] Updated "TR-808". Jeremy Arsenault has GM-ified the drumset.
[February.04.1998] Added "HS Linn Drums"
[February.22.1998] Added "HS Pads and Textures II"
[January.25.1998] Added "HS StarTrekFX"
[January.15.1998] Added "HS Acoustic Percussion" and "HS African Percussion"
[January.04.1998] Added "Vintage Dreams Waves v 2.0" by Ian Wilson. Ian asked me to include this soundfont on my page since he does not have any web-space of his own. BTW, the soundfont is excellent, check it out!
[December.20.1997] Added "HS R8 Drums" and "HS TB-303"
[December.18.1997] Updated "HS M1 Drums", "HS Synth Collection I", "HS Pads and Textures I". Mostly cosmetic changes (removed some bad instruments and changed instrument numbering)
[December.18.1997] Added "HS Boss DR-550 Drums", "HS Strings", "HS TR-808 Drums", "HS Vox". The drumsets has not been programmed to match the GM standard for drumsets

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