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Update 2012-02-11: The SoundFont Library is back up. -Thomas

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Sounds The SoundFont Library has lots of free SoundFonts available for download. If you have a SoundFont you would like to share with the world, check the 'Sounds' page for instructions.
SoundDesign The SoundDesign section has articles that'll help you design your own sounds. Several of the HammerSound users have contributed articles. Ian Wilson, author of 'Vintage Dreams Waves', the most popular SoundFont on HammerSound, has written an article describing how he created the SoundFont. Recommended reading for anyone interested in creating SoundFonts.
Software Free software for computer musicians. At the moment, this page contains the sf2load program, a small utility that can remember the current set of SoundFonts in memory and is able to reload the SoundFonts later. Watch this page throughout this autumn for updates. If you are a programmer interested in creating sound related software, I'd like to get in touch with you. Mail me.
OSC (Code) This is the home of the OSC (Open Sound Code)  Library, a toolkit for programmers creating sound related software. All software developers are very welcome to take a look as well as to join the user forum.
Info / FAQ The HammerSound FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has answers to common questions. If you have a question, please read this before posting at the MessageBoard. Your question might already be answered in the FAQ.
Links The Links section has links to all the SoundFonts on the net. Take a look if you are looking for SoundFonts you cannot find in the SoundFont Library. This section also has links to some of the HammerSound users.
About This section contains some information about the HammerSound site; history, long-term and short-term goals, as well as some statistics.


I'm really interested in tips & ideas on how to improve this site. I'd also like to get in touch with people with ideas, knowledge, sounds and spare time (or spare ftp-space!) who would like to help make this site great. Email me.

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