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Welcome to HammerSound, a website focusing on computer music and the creation of sounds. On this site you'll find SoundFonts, articles, a user forum, information for software developers and more.

HammerSound moved to another server
Posted by Thomas on 01/28/2007.

Someone has managed to hijack our server, and deleted the databases of soundfonts, discussion board, guestbook, etc. And changed the administrator password in the process.

I have been unable to get any response from the company that hosts HammerSound - 4every1.net - which means that I'm unable to access the server myself. This is of course unacceptable, and the HammerSound server is currently being moved to another hosting company, servage.net. I'm hoping that they turn out to be more professional.

I'm currently working to get every part of the HammerSound website up and running. There might be some hickups the following days, but I hope to have everything up and running by the end of next week.

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HammerSound has a new mirror (and new soundfonts)
Posted by Thomas on 07/21/2004.
Norman Spaulding, a classical and new age enthusiast from California, has kindly offered to host a HammerSound mirror on his US-based server. Since we recently lost one of our mirrors, this comes at a very good time. Thanks Norman!

I've recently started to plow through the (long) submission quqeue for the SoundFont Library. I won't promise anything regarding update frequency, but at least there are some (12) new soundfonts available now.

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Megafont tips
Posted by Thomas on 11/14/2002.
Maestro Ney writes:
I discovered the solution for the 2 MEGAFONT DRAMAS that's frustrating everybody that try megafont. It's in my site. I hope you post a link in your home page, in a visible place. Well, I just did ;-). I hope Megafont users find it useful.

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Analoguesque.com Launches
Posted by Thomas on 02/09/2002.
Ian Wilson (author of the Vintage Dreams Waves SoundFont) writes:
If you're looking for amazing analog and vintage Soundfonts then head over to Analoguesque Sound Designs at www.analoguesque.com. We have some serious analog emulation Soundfonts available, with hundreds of phatt thumping basses, huge earsplitting leads, super rez sweeps, pulsating blips and bleeps, and giant evolving pads!

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ASIO drivers for the SBLive in Cubase
Posted by Thomas on 08/04/2000.
It turns out that Steinberg's latest release of the Cubase sequencer (version 5.0) includes new ASIO drivers that work very well with the SBLive. This means lower latency for audio in Cubase, including VST instruments! I first heard of this from the HYBRID crew's posting on the SoundFont newsgroup a couple of days ago, reporting latency as low as 27ms! It turns out you can use the new drivers with older versions of Cubase too.
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Megalithic Records soundfonts for free
Posted by Thomas on 07/14/2000.
Astral Pedestrian (of Megalithic Records) writes:
Megalithic Records no longer sell soundfonts or sample CD's. The company is now concentrating on the music it releases, and therefore over time all of the sample\soundfont products will be become available through http://www.mp3.com/subsonic. Presently the full version 1 of Callanish Drumkits (the demo of which has been on Hammersound for some time) is available for free download at the website. We only ask that you listen to at least one Subsonic HeadDub track (not obligatory), and leave a message on the message board if you like the drumkits. .

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Vienna Tutorials on-line
Posted by Thomas on 07/04/2000.
I've come across two good tutorials for the Vienna SoundFont Editor. The first can be found here and is written by Ethan Winer. The second can be found at the SoundFont Academy. Both articles give a good introduction to the art of soundfont making.
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MIDI Albums at The Sound Site
Posted by Thomas on 04/29/2000.
Just before Easter, I got an email from John a.k.a. TheMusicMan, webmaster at The Sound Site. Seems like he has come up with something new. From the press release: "The Sound Site has taken MIDI Music to a New Level of Excellence with "The Sound Site Best Of" MIDI Albums and SoundFont.
(cut) The Sound Site Best Of Albums are created in TRUE Surround Sound.
(cut) The Sound Site has created "The Sound Site Album Bank (63,338k)" a SoundFont made just for these albums (and all future albums)."

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